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See also the News & Views article, Crystals break up with a twist, by Cynthia J. O. Reichhardt & Charles Reichhardt [journal]

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Our experiments on the  cover of PNAS.

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see also the viewpoint article by F. Lavergne .

Media coverage: Physics world

– Dynamic  response  and  hydrodynamics  of  polarized crowds

Nicolas Bain and Denis Bartolo, Science 363, 46–49 (2019) [pdf] [journal]

see also the perspective commentary by. N. T. Ouellette.

Selected media coverage: Nature Human behaviourScienceLe Monde, France Inter (1), France Inter (2), France Culture, Frankfürter Allegemeine Zeitung, La Republica, Correiro Brazilienze,  Universciencetv, RTS, ORFLe Temps, Science News, TLE, South China Morning Post, Arte

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see also the News and Views article by Alexander Abanov.

Featured in Physics Today,

– Flowing active liquids in a pipe: Hysteretic response of polar flocks to external fields

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See also, the Nature Material News and Views paper by J. Dunkel.

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Editor’s suggestion. Featured in Physics, and  Physics Today.

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see also Nature Physics News and Views, journal club for condensed matter

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See also the  News and Viewscommentary by C. J. Olson Reichhardt and C. Reichhardt

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Highlighted in Nature Physics

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See also  Quanta Magazine.

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Editor’s suggestion.

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Editor’s suggestion.

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PRL Cover: vol 113 issue 4

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Highlighted in

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Selected media coverage: Nature News Featureeditorial and News and ViewsThe Guardian, Le Monde, France2 info, RFI, RTSSpiegel,Frankfurter Allgemeinenrc,  Le TempsArstechnicaGalileo, Softbites

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see also: The sad fate of a “fakir droplet” in Europhysics News.

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In the press: Nature Highlights, Nature Physics Highlights, CERN Courier, Frankfurter Allgemeine, GEO Magazine, …

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 Patents :

–  Production of microfluidic polymeric devices by photo-assited and/or thermally assisted printing

Denis Bartolo, Guillaume Degré and Vincent Studer, Patent Grant number: 8636022.

– Microfluidic system for controlling the concentration of molecules for stimulating a target

Denis Bartolo, Maxime, Dahan, Jean-Christiophe Galas, Mathieu Morel, Vincent Studer, Patent Grant number: 9164083

Surface treatment of microfluidic devices 

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Method for producing a  microfluidic device

Michael LEVANTDenis BartoloStephane ParolaDenis Chateau, WO2019048900A1, (2017)

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